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Best eye center in Abu Dhabi Medical Directory -Find Best eye center in Abu Dhabi Reviews, Cost, Prices, Contact Details & Telephone Numbers.
Best eye center in Abu Dhabi Medical Directory -Find Best eye center in Abu Dhabi Reviews, Cost, Prices, Contact Details & Telephone Numbers.

Eye Center Abu Dhabi

Best eye center in Abu Dhabi Medical Directory – Find the best eye center in Abu Dhabi with reviews, cost, prices, contact details & telephone numbers. Find amazing deals & great offers. Eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of the human body. It is crucial to maintain a good care routine for the well being of the eyes and to maintain a good vision. The importance of the regular checkups cannot be ignored. It is the only way to ensure that the state of eyes remains healthy and proper attention can be given to signs and symptoms of any problem.

Best eye center in Abu Dhabi Medical Directory -Find Best eye center in Abu Dhabi Reviews, Cost, Prices, Contact Details & Telephone Numbers.

A hospital devoted to complete Eye-care has more experience and expertise in dealing with the various conditions of the patients. They have professional and expert team of nurses and doctors, who can handle any emergency or situation with their skills. They are a dedicated team of professionals who work diligently to provide the best care. The types of care services offered in such hospitals are better than any general clinic. They use advanced technology and equipment for treatment of the patients. The sophisticated diagnostic equipment aid them to accurately assess the situation and accordingly provide the best possible outcome and service. A specialized eye-care facility is fully equipped for providing high-tech and special services for the treatment. The modern technology and techniques are implemented to comply with the medical standards. Being completely committed to the eye-care services, they provide finest service with the help of the expert team of doctors and surgeons.

Whether, the patient requires a routine checkup, preventive eye-care solutions, laser vision correction, glaucoma treatment, refractive surgery, cataract surgery or cosmetic surgery, a committed and dedicated Eye hospital will always be better equipped with the latest facilities, surgeons and doctors, so that the best treatment is provided with utmost care. A focused and professional team at the hospital will cater to all needs of the patients with its continuous improvement in facilities and patient care. They make the best efforts to help their patients regain the natural healthy look of their eyes. Being fully focused on providing the best eye-care facilities, such hospital will offer complete assistance with unmatched facilities and competent staff.

1. Al Asria Eye Clinic
Location & Address: Abu Dhabi, UAE
Telephone Number: +97137510523
P.O.Box: 66296

2. Al Husam Eye Medical Clinic
Location & Address: Abu Dhabi, UAE
Telephone Number: +97137668993
P.O.Box: 1046

3. Russian Eye Clinic
Location & Address: 5th Floor, Burj Al Itihad Buidling Office # 501, Khalifa Street, Al Markaziyah, Abu Dhabi City, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Telephone Number: +97126263378
P.O.Box: 73792
Fax: +97126273378

4. Dr Yahya Al Madhwahi Eyes & Opticals Center
Location & Address: Old Airport Road, Al Manhal, Abu Dhabi City, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Telephone Number: +97126316567
P.O.Box: 44034

5. Unique Al Ahalia Opthalmology Medical Center
Location & Address: 16th St. Mussafah, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Telephone Number: +97125599666

6. Royal Spanish Center
Location & Address: Villa 273/3 Al Falah St. Abu Dhabi, UAE
Telephone Number: +97126662050

7. Magrabi Eye & Ear Center – Abu Dhabi
Location & Address: Arabian Gulf Street,Al Mushrif,beside Al Zakaht Box, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Telephone Number: +97124446565

8. Yateem Eye Centre
Location & Address: Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Telephone Number: +97126666167

9. Ahalia Eye Care Musaffah
Location & Address: Ahalia Hospital Musaffah Building, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Telephone Number: +97128119119

10. Moorfields Eye Hospital Centre
Location & Address: 3rd St. Abu Dhabi, UAE
Telephone Number: +97126356161

Eye center Location Map

There is little need for anyone to be told that medical procedures, no matter how minor, are serious issues, whether it is operating on a leg or carrying out a refractive lens exchange procedure in the eye. Nor is there much need to point out the requirement to ensure that the professionals carrying out the procedure must meet the highest standards.

That is why, when choosing an eye surgery clinic there are a number of issues to consider that go beyond the common concerns of price. When it comes to vision corrective procedures, like cataract or refractive lens surgery, the risks from having poorly qualified doctors at poorly equipped or inadequate clinics are very high. After all, lens exchange procedures that are not completed properly can result in a loss of sight permanently.

The list of areas to check out can be categorized into 4 areas, namely the respective qualities of expertise, facilities and aftercare, and also the manner of promotion and pricing.

Best eye center in Abu Dhabi Medical Directory -Find Best eye center in Abu Dhabi Reviews, Cost, Prices, Contact Details & Telephone Numbers.


The number one consideration is the quality of the surgical and medical personnel at a clinic. After all, they are the people who will be advising a patient, recommending procedures to patients and, ultimately, operating on patients.

The best way to ensure confidence is to find a former patient who has firsthand experience of dealing with the staff at a clinic. To find this, ask your friends or have a look at genuine online reviews of the company.

Also, when eventually going for the consultation, ask as many questions as necessary to be clear on what the procedure is. If the doctor is hazy on details, it is probably a good idea to continue looking. Reputable doctors will always be forthcoming with information, as they understand the need to ease the concerns and worries of their patients.

Facilities and Equipment

Obviously, the quality of the facilities is very important. Rooms should be extremely clean with ample space and comfort. The technology that is used is very high tech. For example, digital photography is used to photograph the inside of an eye to plan surgery or even decide if it should go ahead.

Other items of technology to ask about are the optical coherence tomograph, which allows doctors to examine the layers of nerve fibres to check for glaucoma or to examine the layers of the retina for any retinal diseases. Meanwhile, the pentacam corneal topograph is used to examine the cornea of the eye, again to see if surgery is necessary or not.

These instruments will show that the highest level of consultation and accuracy of surgical planning can take place.


It is a bad sign if a clinic fails to tell a patient to return or give them a call if, after a procedure, that patient feels pain or experiences any problems. There is a golden rule when it comes to the medical profession, and that is that patients are not doctors. What this means is that people are likely to leave a problem until too late before returning, which can result is significant damage.

Reputable clinics will insist on two post operation visits, the first usually within 24 hours of the procedure. More than two visits can be recommended to allow doctors to check that nerve endings are repairing and tear ducts are operating as normal. Remember that aftercare is as important as the procedure itself.

Promotion and Costs

While it is true that a clinic is a business, there are ethical practices in marketing and promotion that they must live up to. Some clinics will offer unbeatable prices, but remember that, as with special offers everywhere, it can often be tempting to choose the surgery with the best offer or lowest price without looking at other factors.

Some may advertise refractive lens surgery at a low cost, but factors such as procedural royalties, which are charged by the manufacturers of laser equipment, and consultations fees are probably not being revealed. As with all businesses, clinics that mislead customers over pricing are concentrating on maximising profit rather than concentrating on providing the best quality medical service and procedures.

When it comes to the treatment of eye conditions, like myopia or cataracts, procedures like refractive lens exchange are extremely precise in nature. Should a clinic fail to fill a person with confidence, then it should be avoided.

Serious surgery, like that to remove cancer, carry out a heart bypass or carry out an eye lens exchange are all solemn procedures deserving of the highest levels of care and after care. Best eye center in Abu Dhabi Medical Directory – Find the best eye center in Abu Dhabi with reviews, cost, prices, contact details & telephone numbers. Find amazing deals & great offers.

Best Eye center in Abu Dhabi Health & Directory


Best Eye center in Abu Dhabi Health Directory - Guide to the top Eye center in Abu Dhabi UAE. List of the best Eye center in Abu Dhabi city. Find all the information you need about Eye center in Abu Dhabi. Choose from the best Eye center in Abu Dhabi and compare prices, cost and reviews. Find the best price for Eye center in Dubai. Compare how much Eye center cost in Abu Dhabi and save money.

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