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Best health spas in Sharjah Medical Directory -Find Best health spas in Sharjah Reviews, Cost, Prices, Contact Details.
Best health spas in Sharjah Medical Directory -Find Best health spas in Sharjah Reviews, Cost, Prices, Contact Details.

Health Spas Sharjah

Best health spas in Sharjah Medical Directory – Find the best health spas in Sharjah with reviews, cost, prices, contact details & telephone numbers. Find amazing deals & great offers.Working hard for long hours everyday can lead to stress and fatigue. Workaholic people are more likely to get stressed out due to their working routine. It could be caused by too much pressure from work, tension at home, or any worries that a person might have. This could be bad for your physical and mental health. You must find a way to effectively relieve you from stress. One good way is to visit some of the best health spas in your location or area.

Best health spas in Sharjah Medical Directory -Find Best health spas in Sharjah Reviews, Cost, Prices, Contact Details.

Health spas are just like any spa but their services are more concentrated on your overall health and wellness. Their services are designed to promote healthy mind and body. Health spas offer different kinds of therapies that will improve your health. Some of the best health spas are located near a spring or a lake where you could get mineral or alkaline-based waters. These waters are believed to have miraculous and healing properties. Health spas use these pure and clear waters for their therapies like healing baths, oils baths, and other bath rituals. Sometimes they even encourage clients to drink the water.

Exfoliation is another spa therapy most health spas offer to promote natural beauty. Natural materials like salt and seaweeds are used as scrubs for exfoliating dead skin cells from your body. They also offer different kinds of body wraps using different natural things like minerals, seaweeds, milk, and honey. Seaweeds are also used for their facial treatments because it can contribute a lot to skin’s health and beauty without any harmful side effects like irritations.

Some health spas offer services to pamper the hands and feet like reflexology. This is a process of applying some pressure to different areas of the sole of your foot. The therapists are trained to master these areas. Each area is said to be connected or related to an organ or part of the body.

Of course massages will always be present in any kind of spa. There are many kinds of massages and you just have to choose what is best for your needs, preference, and pleasure. A massage will give you total body relaxation. It could calm your mind and body and could relieve you from stress. It could relieve you from pain and could be helpful in treating or healing certain ailments.

Falling asleep during a massage session is a common thing because the massage will help your body muscles relax and clear your mind from different thoughts. When you wake up, you will notice a light and invigorated feeling. Health spas usually use oils and stones for their massages.

To promote better health, health spas also offer different fitness programs and classes like yoga, meditation, and physical activities like walking, hiking, and swimming. Enrolling your self in a fitness class is better than trying to lose weight on your own. Health spas have trained instructors to guide you with the program and can help you in monitoring your progress and achievements. And you could meet other people who have the same goal of shedding off some extra pounds. This could give you the motivation to pursue your weight loss program.

Sharjah health spas List

Find bellow list of the best health spas in Sharjah UAE. Find online listings, phone numbers, addresses, maps, driving directions and more. Directory of health spas in Sharjah. Find health spas reviews, websites, phone numbers, addresses, and profiles. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best health spas in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

1. Body & Soul Health Club
Location & Address: Al Khan Road – Sharjah, UAE
Telephone Number: +97165540080

2. O2 Spa
Location & Address: Al Majaz Copthorne Hotel, Al Buhaira Building, Sharjah, UAE
Telephone Number: +971525193244

3.Desert Ayurvedic & Medical Massage Center
Location & Address: Al Zahra Street, Al Maya Super Market Bldg, Manak, Sharjah, UAE
Telephone Number: +97165639530
P.O.Box: 68841

4.Bait Al Istirkha Massage
Location & Address: Mualieh, University Street, Aysha Saeed, Sharjah Industrial, Sharjah, UAE
Telephone Number: +97165359876
P.O.Box: 3628

5. Altitude The Spa
Location & Address: Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311 Road) – Sharjah, UAE
Telephone Number: +97165579997

6.Thailand Massage Center
Location & Address: Chorniche Road, Al Refaa, Dana Hotel, Nakheelat, Sharjah, UAE
Telephone Number: +97165221515
P.O.Box: 66780

7.Al Raha Al Nafsiya Massage Centre
Location & Address: Al Mahmood Bldg, Industrial Area 4, Industrial Area 2B, Sharjah, UAE
Telephone Number: +97165336877
P.O.Box: 82709

8.Kottakkal Health Massage Center
Location & Address: Al Zahra Road Near Municipality Roundabout, Manakh, Sharjah, UAE P.O.Box:
Telephone Number: +97165624725
P.O.Box: 3565
Fax: +97165624255

9. Al Ayadhi Al Thahbiah Spa
Location & Address: Muwailih Commercial Flat No: 106, Al Reem Office Building, Fire Station Road, Sharjah, UAE
Telephone Number: +97165626487

10. Royal Beach Resort & Spa
Location & Address: Al Khan Al Meena Street,Al Layyeh Suburb, Sharjah, UAE
Telephone Number: +97165365550

Health spas Location Map

When you are ready to take some time off and enjoy yourself, why not think about taking a vacation at a wonderful health spa retreat? There is no better way to rest, rejuvenate, and relax your way to better overall health and a happier mindset.

Best health spas in Sharjah Medical Directory -Find Best health spas in Sharjah Reviews, Cost, Prices, Contact Details.

What is a health spa retreat?

A health spa retreat is just what it sounds like; an opportunity to take a relaxing break from the stress and hassles of everyday life and lose yourself in the pleasures of a health spa location. Unlike traditional vacations where you end up spending so much time on airplanes, standing in lines, and working your way through crowded tourist sites, a spa retreat is all about focusing on taking good care of yourself.

And one of the best things about a retreat such as this is that you can make it as long or as short as you like. Most health spas offer a range of packages and accommodations, so whether you want to go for a weekend, a week, or even and extended stay of two weeks or more, you can create whatever kind of experience you really want.

Common services available at a health spa retreat

Most health spas offer a full range of services for your retreat, combining the most common spa-type services with their own specialized and specialty services. Examples of services you might want to consider include:

Massage treatments – There are many, many different kinds of massage therapy, from the traditional using various massage oils to the different and interesting using things such as hot rocks, aromatherapy, pressure points, and more.

Skin therapies – There’s nothing like a great facial to make you feel fresh and clean, and a health spa is a terrific place to have one done. And don’t think that it’s just the women who enjoy a relaxing facial; men who choose to try one almost always find it so relaxing and refreshing that they end up going back for more than one!

Nutrition – Everybody has to eat while on their retreat, and a health spa is a great place to enjoy food that is incredibly delicious but also incredibly healthy, too. Schedule a session with a nutritionist who will get to know you and your lifestyle and then suggest easy, convenient, and delicious ways to enjoy your meals to the fullest while also taking advantage of the best nutrition possible.

What to look for in a spa retreat

When you’re looking for a health spa for your enjoyable retreat, look for the features and benefits that are most important to you. For instance, do you like to be active playing golf, tennis, and the like? Or do you prefer to rest and relax by the swimming pool? Also, do you want the flexibility to choose your own activities each day and change your mind as often as you like? Or would you rather have a more structured experience where you follow a schedule of activities set up for you by the spa itself?

The best way to get the most out of your health spa retreat is to research different spas to see what’s out there, think about what you really want to get out of your spa retreat experience, and then select the health spa that fits your wants and needs the best. If you still aren’t completely sure then it helps to ask friends and/or relatives for recommendations if they have been to a spa, and if not then check out the reviews and comments posted on various spa websites and vacation planning portals.

Once you have made your selection all that is left is to schedule your time off, pack your bags, and immerse yourself in a fabulous health spa retreat custom designed for you!Best health spas in Sharjah Medical Directory – Find the best health spas in Sharjah with reviews, cost, prices, contact details & telephone numbers. Find amazing deals & great offers.

Best health spas in Sharjah Medical Directory


Best health spas in Sharjah Medical Directory - Sharjah health spas Directory. Find Best health spas in Sharjah Reviews, Cost, Prices, Contact Details & Telephone Numbers. Find Amazing Deals & Great Offers.

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