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Best herbal medicine in Dubai Medical Directory -Find Best herbal medicine in Dubai Reviews, Cost, Prices, Contact Details & Telephone Numbers.
Best herbal medicine in Dubai Medical Directory -Find Best herbal medicine in Dubai Reviews, Cost, Prices, Contact Details & Telephone Numbers.

Herbal Medicine Dubai

Best herbal medicine in Dubai Medical Directory – Find the best herbal medicine in Dubai with reviews, cost, prices, contact details & telephone numbers. Find amazing deals & great offers. Have you ever tried a natural or herbal remedy to cure a condition or possibly for everyday usage? Some people think of herbal remedies are a ruse to lure people in and buy products. However now a days even medical doctors are realizing the benefits of natural herbal remedies. Herbs have been in use for over 5,000 years with several different cultures including Sumerian, Greek, Egyptian, Arabian, Roman, German, Swiss, and English.

Best herbal medicine in Dubai Medical Directory -Find Best herbal medicine in Dubai Reviews, Cost, Prices, Contact Details & Telephone Numbers.

The western culture has been using herbal medicine for thousands of years making herbalism one of the oldest forms of medicine. Additionally it is possibly one of the most widespread medicines with about 80% of the worlds population still using herbal medicine. Herbal medicine unlike conventional medicine is not only used for treatment of symptoms or conditions. Herbal medicine prevents diseases and illnesses, maintains proper daily body functioning and enhances mental attitude, appearance and performance. Herbal remedies can be used to help in areas such as digestion, respiratory, circulation, immune, endocrine, nervous system, detoxification, and externally for the skin, hair and nails. Herbal experimentation has been the basis for both Indian herbal medicine known as Ayurvedic and Chinese herbal medicine.

Chinese herbal medicine reflects Chinese belief that the universe is made up of energy called chi. Additionally human beings have an innate relationship with the world and environment surrounding them through chi; the human body is a small universe within itself made up of complex systems of energy and matter that works to maintain health of body and mind. Chinese herbal medicine is the primary therapeutic modality for internal medicine in China. This is used in conjunction with external modalities such as acupuncture, acupressure, massage, tai chi, meditation, dermabrasion and food therapy. With over 500 Chinese herbs, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) combines herbs to create specific formulas to fit the individual patient.

Indian herbal medicine also known as Ayurvedic medicine and is the oldest organized system of medicine. Today we classify it as a complementary and alternative medicine but to Indians is known as the divine medicine due to its long history. Ayurvedic is grounded in the understanding that the universe and the body are composed of five great elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. Additionally Ayurveda stresses the importance of balance through three elemental energies. Everyone possesses these energies or doshas as they are known. These doshas are important because when they are balanced within the body, then you are healthy, but when they become imbalanced the body possesses diseases. Ayurveda stresses the importance of a healthy metabolic system, proper digestion, and proper excretion to lead to vitality. In addition exercise, yoga, meditation and massage maintain the external body. Therefore, Ayurvedic medicine addresses the body, mind and spirit as a whole for perfect health.

Herbal medicine no matter where it is being used derives from the earth’s plants. A natural remedy can use any part of that plant, the root, the stem, the flower, the seeds, even the liquid inside the plant. This is why there are so many herbs that exist because from each plant there can be several different herbs extracted and several different uses as well. Herbal remedies come in all types of forms such as a pill, capsule, gel, ointment, cream, liquid, oil, or tea. Many common herbal remedies can be found right under our noses in our very own kitchens. Such as garlic, cinnamon, ginger, peppermint, tumeric, and chamomile tea. Herbal supplements can be taken singularly or mixed together to achieve a specific result. Common conditions that have found relief through herbal remedies include angina, arthritis, skin care, thyroid, urinary tract infections and many more. New products are coming out that help for additional problems such as smoking cessation, removing unwanted hair, and eliminating wrinkles.

The switch to herbal and natural medicine has been a long and slow process, however the population as a whole has shown a shift from traditional medicine with prescriptions and nasty side effects to natural, organic products. With more and more healthcare practitioners promoting more natural ways to relieve symptoms, herbal medicine is making its official debut into modern medicine. Why wait to go see a doctor to get a prescription that costs outrageous amounts of money that could cause them additional symptoms? Natural herbal remedies can be bought at the local store or you may already have it in your kitchen cabinet. So why not try a natural herbal remedy to treat your problem? It may change the way you live your life.

Dubai herbal medicine List

Find bellow list of the best herbal medicine in Dubai UAE. Find online listings, phone numbers, addresses, maps, driving directions and more. Directory of herbal medicine in Dubai. Find herbal medicine with reviews, websites, phone numbers, addresses, and profiles. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best herbal medicine in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

1. Yousif Abdulaziz Thyme and Herbs LLC
Location & Address: Trade Center Area, Dubai, UAE
Telephone Number: +97143313964
P.O.Box: 65642

2. Remedy Natural Herbs
Location & Address: Al Karama Street, Umm Hurair, Dubai, UAE
Telephone Number: +97143979733
P.O.Box: 111375

3. Herbal Life Nutrition (L.L.C)
Location & Address: Opposite Village Mall, Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE
Telephone Number: +97143448533
P.O.Box: 214310

4. Al Wafaa Plants & Medical Herbs
Location & Address: Shindagha, Dubai, UAE
Telephone Number: +97143931125
P.O.Box: 46449

5. Kottakkal Ayurvedic Trading
Location & Address: Al Raffa Street Khyber Bldg-Ground Floor-Shop # 3, Shindagha, Dubai, UAE
Telephone Number: +97143934900
P.O.Box: 6102

6. Abdul Rahim Abu Ul Hassan Trading
Location & Address: 57, Irani Bazaar, Gold Souk, Deira, Dubai Opposite Abra Station – Souq Murshid, Al Sabkha Dubai, UAE
Telephone Number: +97142256561
P.O.Box: 13468

7. Orient Herbs Tradg Co (L.L.C)
Location & Address: Irani Market (Bandar Talib Souq), Al Sabkha, Dubai, UAE
Telephone Number:
P.O.Box: 83

8. Abdul Hamid Al Redah Trading Co
Location & Address: Shop 2, Ground Floor, Sheikh Dalmuk Bin Jumaa Building, Baniyas Street Opposite Al Ansari Exchange Murshid Bazar, Al Sabkha, Dubai, UAE
Telephone Number:
P.O.Box: 2010

9. Kottakkal Arya Natural Herbs Trading LLC
Location & Address: Al Karama, Dubai, UAE
Telephone Number: +97143795915
Website: http://www.herbalhomeboutique.com

10. Herbal Home Boutique
Location & Address: Business Bay, International Business Tower 1502, Dubai, UAE
Telephone Number: +971556024237

Herbal Medicine Location Map

Herbal medicine is an ancient system of medicine that utilizes seeds, berries, roots, leaves, bark, or flowers of plants. Herbal medicine is sometimes referred to as phytomedicine, botanical medicine or herbalism.Natural herbal medicine is a branch of the medical system that is built on the use of plant or plant extracts such as the berries, bark, leaves, roots or even flowers. The medicines can either be taken orally or applied on the skin.Herbal medicine has been used since time immemorial by different cultures such as the Indians, Chinese and Egyptians to treat diseases and assist in the functions of the body. In the modern times, different practitioners have advocated the use of herbs to treat a variety of medical conditions and also enhance the general well being and health of the body.

Best herbal medicine in Dubai Medical Directory -Find Best herbal medicine in Dubai Reviews, Cost, Prices, Contact Details & Telephone Numbers.

There is an increased use of this medication with more people trusting their effectiveness more and also because they are cheaper than conventional medicine. Some of the herbal medicines have the same ingredients just like the conventional drugs and will also perform the same function in the body. A conventional drug has undergone a lot of syntheses hence it has lost the impact of the active ingredients. For these medicines, the effect of the plant when it is whole, is much greater.

Natural herbal medicines come in the form of capsules, tablets, extracts, tinctures, syrups, oils and also teas. The syrups are from concentrated extracts and used for treating coughs and sore throats. The oils come from plants and are rubbed on the body, and the tinctures are made of active herbal ingredients and are concentrated extracts that are dissolved in liquid. The teas come from dried herbs, and they are left to soak or boil in hot water for a few minutes before taking.

The aim of natural medicines is to help the body return to its normal state so that the healing process can start. The different herbs that are around will work differently depending on the body system. Some practitioners will combine some herbs so as to bring out the desired healing effect.Best herbal medicine in Dubai Medical Directory – Find the best herbal medicine in Dubai with reviews, cost, prices, contact details & telephone numbers. Find amazing deals & great offers.

Best herbal medicine in Dubai Medical Directory


Best herbal medicine in Dubai Medical Directory - Dubai herbal medicine Directory. Find Best herbal medicine in Dubai Reviews, Cost, Prices, Contact Details & Telephone Numbers. Find Amazing Deals & Great Offers.

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