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Bulging Disc Pain – Why Spinal Decompression Therapy Can Be the Best Treatment

A bulging disc refers to a spine-related condition by which an intervertebral disc weakens and shifts out of its normal parameter due to constant pressure. Throughout a person’s lifetime, the discs go through a lot of wear and tear. As a person ages, the discs lose fluid which makes them less flexible and more vulnerable to everyday stress and factors such as poor posture, excess weight, heavy jobs, smoking, and degenerative diseases. Over time, degeneration starts to occur and the ability of the spine to absorb stress weakens as the disc deteriorates further. Most bulging discs occur in the lower back. If the affected disc is located in the lower part of the spine, a person may suffer from low …

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Recurring Ovarian Cyst – How to Stop Ovarian Cysts From Coming Back!

Are you constantly worried about developing cancer, losing your fertility, or having a hysterectomy because you have recurring ovarian cysts? If so, you are in the company of thousands of women who are unable to stop ovarian cysts from coming back and plaguing them again and again. There is good news! You can cure your current cysts and stop them from recurring by using a proven holistic home treatment that is 100% natural. This natural cure is designed to detoxify your body and make you healthier and stronger. It includes specific vitamins, herbs and other home remedies that will naturally stop your pain, reduce existing cysts, and stop your ovarian cysts from returning. Please take the time to read this …

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The Back Pain Misconceptions Exposed

Back pain is the commonest health issue that people cope with at least one time during their lifetime. There are countless millions in America itself. However, not a lot of know about the parables linked with back pain. A lot of folks fall prey to these standard sentiments and this obstructs there right treatment. Before you take course of a particular treatment you have got to know about these myths. Here are some. It is a big misconception among sufferers of back stiffness that they must remain in bed and take rest. Though, it is simply a myth. Rest can become necessary in case back trouble emerges due to an acute injury. But immobility isn’t at all recommended for back …

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Back Cracking: Is It Safe? A Doctor of Chiropractic Speaks Out

Does cracking your joints hurt your joints? If you repeatedly crack your joints the ligaments get loose, somewhat unstable. This produces laxity in the ligaments that hold the joint together so the joint loses its stability. Awkward micro-movements of the joint make it arthritic with the cartilage deteriorating. So the answer is YES, inappropriate repetitive cracking of the joins hurts them … not because of the "crack" but because of ligament and cartilage damage. But when is it appropriate? There is a moment in the movie "Jacob's Ladder" where the supporting actor plays a chiropractor gives a chiropractic spinal adjustment to the hero and, in Hollywood's true character; the cracking sound was almost stereophonically broadcast through the audience using special …

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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Get Tummy Tuck Surgery

In case you’re tired of feeling unhappy about your abdomen or need to just fix the zone without doing unending crunches then tummy tuck surgery could be ideal for you. Let’s take a look at a couple of more reasons why such a large number of females choose this cosmetic surgery. Childbirth Giving a birth to a child is surely one of life’s most brilliant occasions that are experienced by women. Right from the minute a woman discovers that she’s pregnant to the day she gets a chance to look at her newborn’s face, the whole voyage is stunning. But, once a woman delivers the child and gets prepared to recover & remodel her body, she realises that results aren’t …

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When Should a Spinal Fusion Be Added to a Spinal Lumbar Discectomy Surgery?

A spinal discectomy surgery in America is a very common procedure. The risks of the procedure are fairly low compared with the benefit. Granted, there is a risk of infection, bleeding, injury to the nerve being decompressed, etc. but overall with a discectomy spine surgery the risk profile is low and patients benefit dramatically. Typically the surgery takes around 45 min. and patients go home either same day or next day. When would a surgeon consider doing a fusion of that level and not just a discectomy? Adding a fusion to the surgery increases the potential risks and complications and should not be taken lightly. But there are times when it is a good idea to add it to the …

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Taking IDD Therapy – Advantages And Disadvantages Of Nonsurgical Back Pain Relief

Many people have a myth that surgery is the end of back pain in serious cases but this is not so nowadays. With many new discoveries and findings, doctors have been able to find out effective non-surgical ways to cure back pain. A new method known as IDD is known to be effective in curing around eighty five percent of cases of back pain. Chiropractors have given their full belief on this IDD technique to relieve their patients. If you are suffering from choronic or acute back pain then this therapy could provide you relief in an easy manner eliminating the need for surgery. A system called Accu-SPINA is used in the IDD method that uses computer technology to cure …

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A Significant Breakthrough in Physiotherapy Treatment

At last… A challenge to all back ache sufferers in Singapore who think that it is impossible to cure back ache! Here is an advanced physical therapy treatment that the physiotherapists in The Pain Relief Practice are helping many devastated back ache sufferers reduced their pain and avoid a back surgery. Thanks to this new physical therapy technology called ‘Non Surgical Spinal Decompression Therapy’, which is another alternative to medications, surgery, physiotherapy, chiropractor, acupuncturists, and osteopathy if all failed. Back ache sometimes disappears away in the short run and come back to you again. Research shows that back ache doesn’t magically disappear if you ignore it and fifty percent of these pains will haunt you again. Once you’ve had an …

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Lumbar Spinal Stenosis: Symptoms and Treatments

Spinal stenosis is a condition affecting the nerves in the lower portion of the back. The word stenosis is of Greek origin, meaning to choke. In essence, this explains what is happening to the nerves (the nerves are compressed). Lumbar spinal stenosis is most commonly associated with sciatica, characterized by numbness and/or tingling of the nerves from the lower back into the buttocks and legs. Symptoms of Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Suffering from this condition can be quite painful, debilitating even. With more activity, the symptoms and pain can worsen, causing the patient to decrease physical activity. Some of the typical symptoms are: Numbness in legs Numbness in buttocks Tingling feeling in legs Tingling feeling in buttocks Lower back pain What …

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3 Ways to Ease Back Pain – Try Them Today

Back pain, especially lower back pain is a very common complaint, and in fact, one of the reasons that doctors see patients. Lower back pain can make it very difficult to perform your daily tasks, which can lead to frustration and even time out from your work. This challenge can impact every facet of your life. Sciatica is type of pain that spreads to the legs and is very common among people. Another common type is associated with the disc of the spine. Back pain comes in many different forms: lower back pain, upper back pain and middle back pain. Practically everyone develops “wear and tear” changes in their back while they grow older, though for the majority of people …

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