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Cause of Lower Back Pain: Associated Symptoms of this Common Malady

Cause of Lower Back Pain can arise out of complex origins and symptoms including identified muscle trauma, or a hitherto unknown non-traumatic event. Moreover Lower back pain can originate in regions other than the back and eventually find its way to the muscles or other structure in the lower back. The origins of lower back pain are many and varied, including congenital disorders, inflammatory disease, and circulatory disorders among others. Physicians are hard pressed to pin down the accurate cause of a patient suffering from lower back pain owing to the complex composition of the human spinal. The spinal chord is a three-dimensional puzzle made up of bone, discs, muscles, ligaments and tendons and a myriad of other tissues that …

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Left Side Lower Back Pain Causes – Brace Yourself For Relief – Special Report

Is your lower back threatening to fall apart? Do you feel like the pain is eating away at your lower back? 1.) Left Lower Back Pain Yes, pain in the left side of the back can be annoying. The persistent pain puts you through some very uncomfortable moments and is an impediment to work and even relaxation. Sometimes it is like you can not shift your position without accentuating the pain. Middle-aged and old people are more prone to it. Young people get it too, in some cases. 2.) Back Pain A.) Back Spasms / Cramping A pain that is hard to ignore may be result of a sudden contraction or spasms in the back. This condition, called muscle cramping. …

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Lower Back Pain – Information That Can Help!

Lower back pain symptoms are the most common reason why people in the USA go to see their doctors. So if you were one of those who had lower back pain the chances are the symptoms are very familiar to you. We won’t cover all the lower back pain symptoms but it would be instructive to look a few of the most common to give you a better idea what you might be looking at if you suffer from lower back pain. Just a few of the symptoms include muscle spasms, cramping and stiffness, a burning pain and just plain old uncomfortable pinching that means you can’t sit still for long in one place without squirming. And generally speaking, you …

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The Modern Cause of Back Pain

Back pain is not as uncommon as you may think. Increasingly our lifestyles are placing a great strain on our backs. Pressure and stress are all too common symptoms of the hectic lives we lead. Unfortunately they can contribute to back and neck pain as we physically and emotionally tense and round up our shoulders. In addition, we continue to work (a lot of us) in environments where we sit for long periods of time, mainly at desks glued to our computer. For some people, sitting in a chair for 40 hours plus per week is the fastest way to develop back pain that seriously hurts! And what’s worrying is that for some people, they have never even experienced back …

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Using Inversion Tables for Low Back Pain

Is using inversion tables for low back pain a good idea? Is it safe? Who shouldn’t use one? These are all very important questions for anyone considering inverting. Although simply hanging upside down may seem benign, it can aggravate certain types of health conditions. In this article I’ll discuss what I’ve learned in my experience with inversion tables and what my chiropractor has told me about using them. Over the years my back has taken a beating from martial arts, running, scoliosis, sciatica and a bad car wreck. However, the last thing I wanted to do was give up being physically active. I didn’t want to completely stop my martial arts training, my weight lifting and my running. – But, …

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The Pros and Cons Of Radiofrequency Treatment For Chronic Back Pain

Radiofrequency neurotomy, also called radiofrequency ablation or lesioning, is a procedure that intentionally injures nerves to prevent pain signals from being sent to and processed by the brain. It is a minimally invasive surgical procedure reserved for those with chronic pain who have not found relief from more conservative treatment methods. Radiofrequency treatments can be used on patients with pain from a degenerative disc, facet joint or sacroiliac (SI) joint. Guided by fluoroscopy, an electrode is inserted into the body and placed on the targeted nerve. Once positioned properly, the electrode is heated to create a lesion on the nerve. A more recent, advanced form of the procedure includes a cooling phase; this increases the area of the electrode’s impact …

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Do Inversion Tables Help Low Back Pain

Low back pain or LBP is a common cause of visits to see the doctor. Lower back pain can result from lifting heavy weights, frequent bending, poor standing posture or flat out doing something stupid. If you have tried several treatments for your pain and they don’t seem to work, you should consider inversion tables. So to answer the question, do inversion tables help low back pain? A little background on this product is important. What are Inversion Tables Basically they are padded tables on hinges that allow you to invert or decline. (You can actually go all the way upside down on these things.) When you strap yourself to this table and go back slowly, the table flips over …

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How Acupuncture Eliminates Your Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain is one of the most common problems that everyone faces today. More than 80% of the adults are today affected by this common cause due to various reasons like work stress, sitting in front of a computer for a long time and lack of maintaining a good posture, etc. However, the causes are many and some causes are unknown. Intensity of pain varies ranging from mild to severe. It can be temporary or permanent. For some, this pain may last for a short time and for some it may last for a long time that ultimately causes difficulty among people to carry out their daily tasks. So before thinking for a treatment option, it is essential to …

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How to Target and Suppress Factors That Cause Lower Back Pain

Some of the psychosomatic and medical conditions that cause lower back pain are due to the stress they impose on the spinal support. Lower back pain is concentrated in the lumbar and pelvic regions of the vertebral column. Targeting the main reason or several reasons that cause lower pain would depend on health history and physical examination. In case of involvements in accidents or due to the nature of one’s current profession, more in-depth diagnostic methods may be necessary. Thus, the doctor may order a spinal x-ray, bone scan, CT scan, or MRI. Blood studies and nerve conduction studies may also be helpful to pinpoint the exact cause of lower back aches. Most contributing factors that cause lower back pain …

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Lower Back Pain When Sneezing

If you feel sudden lower back pain when you sneeze, you may find that you have sneezed so hard that you have actually strained or pulled a muscle. Some people go all out when they sneeze, and belt out huge sneezes that seem to rock the whole body. Often this is accompanied by a jolt forward, and something as simple as this can put additional strain on the muscles in the lower back. If the pain comes on for the first time when you sneeze then the chances are that sneezing has caused the pain directly. However, if you were already experiencing problems in the back region, your sneezing may have simply set off a pre-existing condition or made it …

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